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Fenster schliessen

to turn over

  1. to think about; consider;
Fenster schliessen

1. in a reserved way

2. reserve a judgement

1. reseved: designated as unavailable except for a person; 특정인에게만 예외적으로 하용되게 지정하다.

2. to reserve a judgement: to delay delivery of (a judgement) esp. in order to allow time for full consideration of the issues involved; (판단을) 유보하다 

Fenster schliessen


중언 부언 하는 사람: Langweiler.

Fenster schliessen

to attach itself to this quality


~ 에 달라붙다; 공격하다.

Fenster schliessen


participating in the knowledge of something secret; 비밀, 비밀스러운 것을 알게되다.

Fenster schliessen

to feign sleep

잠자는 척 하다; to give a false appearance.

Fenster schliessen

to parcel

to devide into parts and distribute; 쪼개서 나누어주다.

Fenster schliessen


an expression of blame or disapproval; mild criticism; 비난.