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The fact that the demand curves of imperfect competitors slope down has an important implication: Imperfect competitors areprice-makers notpricetakers. They must decide on the price of their product, while perfect competitors take the price as given.
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Imperfect competition
Any market structure which varies from the perfectly competitve case
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An industry in which a single seller has complete control over output and price. / In the long run, no monopoly is completely secure from attack by competitors.
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An industry in which a few sellers control the market, recognizing their mutual interdependence.
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Monopolistic competition
An industry in which many firms compete fiercely b differentiating their products
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Product differentiation
Occurs when firms in an industray try to make their products look or seem different from the products of rivals
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Economies of scale
Occur when the per unit costs of production decline as output increases.
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Barriers to entry
Factors that make it hard for new firms to enter an industry