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Measures the want-satisfying power of a good or a service.
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Marginal utility
Measures the.increase in total utility when an additional unit of a good is consumed.
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the greatest happiness of the greatest number.
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Law of diminishing marginal utility
states that as the amount of a good consumed increases, the marginal utility of that good tends to diminish.
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MU1 / P1 = MU2 / P2 =…= MU per $ spent
Describes the market basket of goods that will bring the consume maximum satisfaction.
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Market demand
Represents the sum of the individual demands at each price.
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Income elasticity
Denotes the percentage change in quantity demanded divided by the oereentage change in income, all else held fixed.
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Given two goods, an increase in the price of one causes an in-crease in the demand for the other.