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Mecanisms of Membrane Transport

Mecanisms of Membrane Transport

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Ralle von Biologischen Membranen

- Protection, solation
- Compartimentalization
- Communication, interface with external environment
- Gates, water & solutes transport

Types of Diffusion


Fick First Law



Non-gated channels = channels that are always open

Gap junction

Teil einer Synapse




Six connexins assemble to form a connexon

Connexons in the plasma membrane of the cell lign with the connexons of an adjacent cell, forming a hydrophilic channel between two cytoplasms.
-> two connexons form a channel

connexons provide:
• Size selectivity
• Open-closed conformation

The Overton Rule

• The boundary of cells is mostly constituted of a lipidic material
• Non-lipophilic substances (incl. water) must use specific pathways

CHIP 28 - Aquaporin 1

Channel-like Integral Membrane Protein

-> Extremely abundant in RBCs (redbloodcells)

-> billions of water moleclues can cross the pore per second