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Konflikt, Streit, Aufeinanderprallen; mit jmd. aneinandergeraten

clash (n+v) with so.

The teacher quickly stopped the clash between the children.

Luckily, the pro'testers did not clash with police.

Those black shoes clash with that white skirt.



kündigen; jmd. entlassen (-> entlassen werden)

resign, quit (quitted);

I resigned due to an unreasonable workload. (unzumutbares Arbeitspensum)

I quit my office job and have been working as a freelancer (Selbstständiger) ever since.

lay off so., give so. the sack, fire so. (-> to be laid off, to get the sack)

The new boss did not want to lay off any workers.

(hohe) Nachfrage nach

(high) demand for

The city has a high demand for teachers.

daran interessiert sein etw. zu tun

(=to be interested in doing sth.)

(=My family are all fond of going to the cinema.)

to be keen to do sth.

She's very keen to learn about Japanese culture.

He told Hayling that he was keen to help.


mangelhaft, (un)geeignet, (un)angemessen

'adequacy, (in)'adequate

The teacher checked the adequacy of the textbook.

I have a bad sense of direction, so I would be a very inadequate taxi driver.

The people work hard, but their pay is inadequate.

über etw. nachdenken (contemplate), grübeln

mull over sth.

McLaren had been mulling over an idea to make a movie.

I've been mulling over what you said last night.

sich jmd. anvertrauen; jmd. etwas anvertrauen

confide in so.; confide sth. to so.

confide absolutely in his honesty.

There is no one here I can confide in.

Jone felt she could only confide in her mother.


I confide my secrets only to my mother.