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Group discounts

20% discount for you and your colleagues

How does the group discount work?

After your purchase, you will receive an activation link for each type of subscription via e-mail.

If you already have an account on card2brain and if you purchase while you are logged on, your activation links will also appear on your account under "Purchases".

Every activation link contains the number of PREMIUM or TEACHER subscriptions you chose.

Whoever follows the link in a web browser can register for the according subscription directly or upgrade an existing subscription.

The only thing you have to do is to forward the activation link to your colleagues via e-mail.

Someone else is paying instead of you?

If you would like somebody else to pay the bill, you can have an have an e-mail containing a payment link sent to the person you want by clicking on the button at the bottom of the price calculator. As soon as the recipient completes the purchase by following this link, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the activation link for your subscriptions.

Price per subscription

Subscriptions Premium Teacher Discount
1 $19.00 $57.00 -
2 or more $15.20 $45.60 20%

Discount conditions

The group discount is valid for a purchase of at least 2 subscriptions.

From at least 2 subscriptions onwards, group discounts also apply to combinations of PREMIUM and TEACHER subscriptions.

All prices are quoted including legal value-added tax.

Once the payment process is completed, the means of payment you specified will be debited immediately.

The subscriptions are valid for 365 days starting from their redemption by the individual user.

If the subscriptions are not actively extended with a valid means of payment or with another activation link, they simply end. This amounts to a downgrade to a free BASIC subscription.

The subscriptions entitle to benefit from all services according to the overview of features.

Any time of the duration of the subscription left is always taken into account in case of an extension or an up- or downgrade.

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