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PostFinance supports as a premium partner and helps with conceptual work and developments.

As well as contributing to, PostFinance also boosts the financial literacy of children and young people with MoneyFit. The high-quality learning materials are free of product advertising and are created by independent authors.

The free teaching materials are available in German, French and Italian.

Mobile learning is not the only area in which PostFinance leads the way. With the PostFinance App you can carry out your financial transactions easily and conveniently. The innovative Scan + Pay function allows you to enter inpayment slips and pay them directly – without having to type in references and account numbers. Of course you can also continue to use the tried-and-tested functions of the PostFinance Mobile fast service in the PostFinance App.

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Teachers from middle school and secondary levels I and II can access a versatile range of resources for their lessons.

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