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Aircraft: Core functions, essential functions and auxiliary functions

Core functions: flight: takeoff, land, climb, cruise, descend, maneuver; Payload transport:load, unload, storage.

essential functions: Propulsion, power generation, information, control, CNS, NAV, Crew and passenger safety.

auxiliary functions: Crew and passenger coonfort, Flight planning and management, Bad weather avoidance, ice protection.

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Aircraft: Subsystems:

Structure (airframe): Fuselage, Wings, Flaps, Empennage, Control surfaces.

Vehicle systems: Landing gear, Flight controls, propulsion, fuel system, hydraulics, electrics, environmental control system.

Avionic systems: Navigation, controls, displays, flight management, CNS.

Mission systems: Sensors, mission computers, weapons, passive defence.

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which of the aircrafts subsystems are physical inegrated? which are informationally integrated?

The structure (airframe) and the vehicle systems have a strog physical inegration.

Avionics and mission system have an information based integration.

All systems interact.

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Practical safety objectives: Definitions of words:

System: A combination of parts, components, facilities, procedures, personell, skills, ..., that are connected in an organized way to perform one or more functions.

Functions: The lowest level of a specific action of a system, equipment and flight crew performance on the airplane.

Failure: the inability of a system, subsystem or component to perform a function as intended.

Failure condition: a condition with an effect on the ACFT and its occupants caused by one or more failures considering the relevant operational and environmental conditions.

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Types of failures:

-function not provided when required.

-function provided incorrectly.

-function provided when not required.

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Safe-Life: system or components will survive a specific design-life w/ no failures.

Fail-Safe: a failure will cause no or minimum harm to other parts and systems or danger to personnel.

Fault-Tolerant: the system can continue operating in the event of the failure of one or more of it components.

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what is a stringer? where is it used?

To make the fuselage stiffer.


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Reference systems:

zones and coordinates.