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Describe Louisiana Blue Crab dish.
Potato gnocchi.  tasso.  thyme.  white truffle.  parmesan.  (12)
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Where does our ribeye steak come from?

Harris Ranch: One of the nation's largest, vertically integrated family owned agribusinesses.Quality feed cattle - no pesticides or animal proteins.

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Where does the ground beef used for Cotton come from?

Cox Family Farms.  Northern Kentucky.

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What is tasso?

Ham: spicy, peppery version of smoked pork made from the shoulder butt.

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What type of Jus is used for the Venison Schnitzel?

Bourbon-mustard jus

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What type of meat is used for the Venison Schnitzel?


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What kind of stone ground grits are used at Cotton?

War Eagle Mill.  North west Arkansas.

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Name our four, whiskey based, hand crafted cocktails.

Sazerac Cocktail, Whiskey Smash, The Sharecropper, The Ole' Smoky.