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Definition project

  1. Unique product/ service
    • New product/ service
    • Creation of new process
  2. Time-limited
    • Start and end date
    • Can tell when it is done -> Objective achieved, time limit is reached, objective is abandoned
    • Usually on time, within budget and delivers the promised scope
  3. Ends when the objectives are achieved or abandoned
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Phase of a project

  • Initiation
    • Who is sponsor, Stakeholders? Scope? Deliverables? Budget approved
    • Approved project charter and approval to proceed to the planning phase
  • Planning 
    • Deliverables are defined and WBS definded (work breackdown structure)
    • Plans are made for management of stakeholders, communication, quality, costs, risks
  • Implementation (Excution)
    • Project team is hired and developed
    • Procurements takes place
    • Project must be monitored and changes managed
    • Communication to stakeholders is an important ongoing activity
  • Closing
    • Reporting, Closing out procurements - final payments
    • Lessons learned?
    • Celebrate
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10 knowledge areas:

  1. Managing integration
    • Coordinates all activities in all other knowledge areas -> Keeps the whole thing moving collectively
  2. Managing scope
    • Description of scope, acceptance criteria, deliverables, exclusions,...Definition of WBS
  3. Managing time/schedule
    • Manage the budgeted time according to a project schedule
  4. Managing costs
    • Develop a budget
    • Plan for the CF
    • Track the expenditures
  5. Managing quality
    • Quality plan that defines quality standards, methods that will be uses to achieve and measure the standards
  6. Managing human resources
    • HR requirements, selection, developent and motivation of the project team
  7. Managing communication
    • Communication plan: Who needs to be commuicated with, what methods, what frequency, who is responsible
  8. Managing risk
    • Identify, analyze and manage risks
  9. Managing procurement
    • Contracting to obtain supplies or services required to carry out the project
  10. Managing stakeholders
    • Always include: project sponsor and project team
    • May include: customers, suppliers, voter, public, ...
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  • Used when requirements are difficult to define or subject to rapid change
  • Iterative approach (wiederholdend)
  • Roles: Product owner, Scrum Master, Developent Team
  • Priorities: stories are either on the: Front burner (currently working on), Back burner (next up), Fridge (for later)
  • Daily stand-up meeting
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Project Management office (PMO)

  • Medium and large organizations
  • Typical objectives:
    • Help ensure that projects are aligned with organizational objectives
    • Set standards for project managers
    • Provide training and mentorship
    • Provide facilitation
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Stakeholder management tools

  • Power/interest matrix
  • Cooperation-Threat matrix
  • Stakeholder analysis template
  • Stakeholder Register
  • Communication Plan
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5 approaches to conflict resolution

  • Avoidance
  • Accomodation
  • Competition
  • Compromise
  • Collaboration

Problem solving is a key activity for successful teams. Understanding your own preferred approach and those of your team helps in productive conflict resolution

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Project initiation

  • Detailed description of the problem or opportunity
  • A list of alternative solutions
  • An analysis of the business benefits, costs, risks and issues
  • Main project requirements