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Methods for 'emotionalising' in projects are among others:

reflection of the cooperation process in the project team

telling of a secret during the project start workshop

use of the earned value analysis

development of competitive situations in the project team

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The selection of the team members is based on ...

the relationship to women.

the relationships to other team members.

the competencies of the team members.

the relationships to relevant project environments.

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Measures for managing positive and negative emotions in the project start process are among others ...

the complete communication of the project environment relationships.

the clarification of the project roles.

the joint development of project plans in the project team.

the use of adequate methods for controlling projects.

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Leadership tasks in projects are among others …

making decisions.

providing information.

agreeing on objectives.

giving feedback.

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Time boundaries of the project management process are:

project assigned

project close-down process

project approved

project start process

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During the project start process ...

also projects are stopped.

the project objectives are defined.

the project as a social system is established.

the structures for the project controlling process are defined.

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During the project controlling process …

the work package progress is checked.

the project plans are updated.

directive measures are agreed upon.

a project discontinuity is resolved.

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Objectives of the project management process are among others …

the realisation of the content work of the project.

the coordination of the project network.

the design of the project environment relationships.

the assurance of the project success.