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Methods for designing the project organisation are among others:

project environment analysis

work breakdown structure

project assignment

project responsibility matrix

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For the development of a project responsibility matrix ...

the work breakdown structure, the defined project roles and the relevant project environments form the basis.

each work package has to correspond to a supply object of consideration.

work packages for which the organisational responsibilities are clear have to be considered.

all work packages have to be considered.

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Project risk management includes ...

the management of discontinuities.

all project management tasks.

the risk analysis.

the risk controlling.

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The project organisation is ...

to be designed in the project start process.

designed in the project environment analysis.

part of 'social' project coordination

part of 'social' project controlling.

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A target/actual comparison in project controlling ...

is done for the scheduled costs.

requires an identical structure of the target and actual values.

is only necessary for external projects.

is basis for the planning of directive measures.

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An acceptance certificate for a work package ...

always contains the achieved project-related income.

is issued by the project manager and the responsible project team member.

formally relieves a responsible project team member of his work package.

is developed for each project contributor.

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The controlling of the project progress ...

is to be based on the work breakdown structure.

is part of the project controlling.

is done by means of a resource tree

is based on the assumption of a proportional relationship between project costs and project resources.

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The progress is to be measured among others for ...

all objects of consideration.

the whole project.

individual project phases.

individual work packages.