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During the project coordination process …

meetings are organised.

the project manager communicates with representatives of relevant environments.

a project progress report is developed.

the project manager accepts work package results.

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During the project close-down process …

knowledge transfer to the permanent organisation is organised.

the remaining work packages are performed

the social system 'project' is dissolved.

the project team members are not involved.

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The objects of consideration plan …

is the basis for the work breakdown structure.

depicts relevant (intermediary) results of a project.

includes 'physical' objects resulting from a project.

can be standardised for repetitive projects.

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How should project objectives be formulated?

Objectives are to be realistic.

Objectives are to be quantified.

Objectives are to be formulated in a qualitative way.

Objectives should tend to be unreachable.

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Which methods for designing the project organisation are to be used in the project start process?

Work breakdown structure

Project role descriptions

Project organisation chart

Objects of consideration plan

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A work breakdown structure …

is developed during the project controlling process.

is a project organisation chart.

is the structural basis for the scheduling, cost and resource planning.

segments the objects of consideration of the project.

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What consequences has the definition of non-objectives in a project?

A non-objective cannot be redefined into an objective later.

The project objectives become clearer.

Projects are defined too narrowly.

The project boundaries become clearer.

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Objects of consideration …

are designed in the post-project phase.

can be structured bottom-up or top-down.

can be depicted in the form of a tree structure.

can only be differentiated by functions.