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Which of the following statements regarding the project manager are correct?

The role can be described in a role description.

The formal authority depends on the underlying project organisation.

The role has to be filled by one person.

The project manager reports directly to the general management.

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Advantages of the influence project organisation are among others:

full concentration on the project

know-how is ensured in the departments of the permanent organisation

full formal authority of the project manager

the project team members work in their departments

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Projects can be perceived as:

temporary organisations

tasks with special features


social systems

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Tasks of the project owner team in the project start are among others …

the selection of the project manager.

the development of the project plans.

the agreement on objectives with the project team.

the assurance of the use of the company's project management standards.

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A project …

requires a project assignment.

is goal-oriented.

does not last longer than a year.

costs money

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Project roles …

are to be described gender-specific.

should not differ too much from each other.

are to be described in a relational manner.

are to be described project-specific.

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'Tannenbaum and Schmidt' distinguish between the following leadership styles:





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The culture of a project can be observed by …

the communication forms used in the project.

in the software used in the project.

the behaviour of the members of the project organisation.

the methods used in the project.