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The time for dark adaptation is

10 min

10 sec

1/10 sec

30 min

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Which problem may occur, when flying in an environment of low contrast (fog, snow, darkness, haze)?

Under these conditions it is:

difficult to estimate the correct speed and size of approaching objects

impossible to detect objects

no problem to estimate the correct speed and size of approaching objects

improbable to get visual illusions

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A pilot approaching an upslope runway

is performing a steeper than normal approach, landing long

may feel that he is higher than actual. This illusion may cause him to land short.

establishes a higher than normal approach speed

establishes a slower than normal approach speed with the risk of stalling out

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The area in front of a threshold descends towards the threshold.

Possible danger is:

approach is lower than normal and may result in a short landing

to drop far below the glide path

approach is higher than normal and may result in a long landing

to misjudge the length of the runway

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Sunglasses with variable filtration (phototrope glasses)

are advantageous for pilots

are generally forbidden for pilots

are ideal, as long as there are no polarisation effects

can have disadvantages when used in the cockpit due to their dependence on ultraviolet light which is screened by the cockpit glass

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What misjudgement may occur if an airplane is flying into fog, snow or haze?

Objects will appear closer than they really are

Objects seem to be farther away than in reality

Objects will appear bigger in size than in reality

Objects seem to move slower than in reality

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Depth perception when objects are close (< 1 m) is achieved through

the "blind spot" at the retina

good visibility only

visual memory only

seeing with two eyes (binocular vision)

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Adaptation is

the change of the diameter of the pupil

the adjustment of the eyes to high or low levels of illumination

the reflection of the light at the cornea

the adjustment of the crystalline lens to focus light on the retina