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When flying at night the first sense to be affected by a slight degree of hypoxia is the

proprioceptive sensitivity


sense of balance


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The part(s) of the eye responsible for night vision

are rods and cones

are the cones

are the rods

is the cornea

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The fovea

is an area in which rods predominate

is sensitive to very low intensities of light

is an area in which cones predominate

is the area responsible for night vision

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When the optical image forms in front of the retina; we are talking about





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During flight in IMC, the most reliable sense which should be used to overcome illusions is the:

vestibular sense


visual sense, interpreting the attitude indicator

visual sense by looking outside

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In the absence of external reference points, the sensation that the vehicle in which you sitting is moving when it is in fact the vehicle directly alongside which is moving is called :

cognitive illusion

autokinetic illusion

illusion of relative movement

somato-gravic illusion

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The retina allows for the acquisition of colours as a result of the:

crystalline lens

rods located in its central part

cones located in its central part

rods located in its peripheral zone

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The phenomenon of accommodation, which enables a clear image to be obtained, is accomplished by which of the following ?

The retina

The rods

The cones

The crystalline lens