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What impression do you have when outside references are fading away (e.g. fog, darkness, snow and vapor)?

Objects seem to be much bigger than in reality

Objects seem to be closer than in reality

It is difficult to determine the size and speed of objects

There is no difference compared with flying on a clear and sunny day

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Hypoxia will effect night vision

at 5000 FT

less than day vision

and causes the autokinetic phenomena

and causes hyperventilation

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The effect of hypoxia to vision

can only be detected when smoking tobacco

is usual stronger with the cones

is stronger with the rods

does not depend on the level of illumination

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What does not impair the function of the photosensitive cells?

Toxic influence (alcohol, nicotine, medication)

Oxygen deficiency


Fast speed

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The fovea centralis is

the area of best day vision and best night vision

the area of the blind spot (optic disc)

where the optic nerves come together with the pupil

the area of best day vision and no night vision at all

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The retina of the eye

only regulates the light that falls into the eye

filters the UV-light

is the muscle, changing the size of the crystalline lens

is the light-sensitive inner lining of the eye containing the photoreceptors essential for vision

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What should a pilot do if he has no information about the dimensions of the runway and the condition of the terrain underneath the approach? He should

make a visual approach and call the tower for assistance

be aware that approaches over downsloping terrain will make him believe that he is higher than actual

make an instrument approach and be aware of the illusory effects that can be induced

be aware that approaches over water always make the pilot feel that he is lower than actual height

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Hypoxia effects visual performance.

A pilot may:

get blurred and/or tunnel vision

have a reduction of 25% in visual acuity at 8000 FT AGL

be unable to maintain piercing vision below 5000 FT AGL

get colour blindness accompanied by severe headache