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The significant reduction in lung diffusion capacity is manifested by

Hipoxemia and hypercapnia




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Hering-Breuer reflex is triggered by

Stimulation of baroreceptors

Stimulation of chemoreceptors

Stimulation of stretch receptors

Stimulation of beta-receptors

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  1. If you treat a patient with bronchoconstriction using beta-agonist, a possible side effect which is:
A. saliva overproduction

B. increasing of blood pressure

C. tachycardia

D. excessive sweating

E. none from the above

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70% of CO2 transported in body is in form of?

D. Bicarbonates in plasma
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Most of Bicarbonates is formed in the:


A. plasma because of presence of carbonic anhydrase

B. platelets because of presence of carbonic anhydrase

C. leukocytes because of presence of carbonic anhydrase

D. erythrocytes because of presence of carbonic anhydrase

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Choose correct sentence:


A. RBC shrink during hemolysis in hypotonic solution of NaCl

B. hemoglobin of hemolyzed RBC dissolves in the erythrocyte

C. hemoglobin of hemolyzed RBC enters plasma

D. hemolysis does not occur in distilled water

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9. Sudden decrease in atmospheric oxygen concentration will:

a) cause increase in heart rate and decrease in breath rate

b) increase in cardiac output and breath rate

c) will not influence significantly respiratory and cardiovascular physiology

d) decrease in diastolic blood pressure

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The symptom of overactivity of parasympathetic system is:

a. tachycardia

b. slowed heart rate

c. constriction of bronchi

d. answers b and c are correct