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57. Diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide is influenced by:

A. Partial pressure gradients

B. Diffusion distance

C. Surface area and membrane thickness

D. All answers are correct

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5. Physiologic role of the pneumataxic centre comprise all functions listed below EXCEPT:

a)coordination of transition between inhalation and exhalation

b)inhibition of the inspiratory area

c)controlling voluntary forced exhalation

d)tuning of respiration rate

e)overriding the apneustic area

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6. In patients with chronic respiratory failure (i.e. with a permanent hypercapnia= elevated CO2 levels) the most powerful stimulation of respiratory centre results from

a)hypoxemia (low level of O2)



d)chest deflection

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The Bohr effect causes that the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen decreases and occurs when


a. pH decreases in tissues and temperature increase

b. pH increases in tissues and temperature increases

c. pH increases in lungs and temperature decreases

d. pH increases in lungs and temperature increses

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Parasympathetic stimulation of tissues in walls of bronchioles causes:



Increased blood flow

Dilation of alveoli

Bronchoconstriction (histamine/leukotrine)

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Obturation in airways causes that

A.Tiffenau index is decreased

B.Inspiration is prolonged

C. Expiration is prolonged

D.Answer a and c are correct

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Is composed of collagen and elastin

Decreases lung compliance

Decreases respiratory work

All the answers are correct

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Which of the below mentioned statements is incorrect

During inspiration pressure in alveoli decreases in reference to the atmosphere

During inspiration intrapleural pressure remains unchanged

Severe hydrothorax may impair vital capacity

Pneumothorax is a lung collapse due to intrusion of air into pleural cavity