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LE1 Swiss Constitutional Law

LE1 Swiss Constitutional Law

LE1 Swiss Constitutional Law

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Cartes-fiches 17
Langue English
Catégorie Droit
Niveau Université
Crée / Actualisé 26.05.2015 / 27.10.2015
Attribution de licence Non précisé
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legal status 

Rechtsstellung, Rechtsstatus

rights and duties 

Rechte & Pflichten

diplomatic protection 

diplomatischer Schutz/Sicherung

military service 


acquired by law 

gesetzlich erworben

right of blood 

a child becomes a citizen of a parent’s country at birth (ius sanguinis = right of blood 


the place where you live; your home 


to send (a person who has been accused of a crime) to another state or country for trial