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die restlichen Fragen für die SA - über die Präsentationen

die restlichen Fragen für die SA - über die Präsentationen

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What is CMS used for?


What does WCMS stand for and what is the difference between WCMS and CMS?

Web Content Management System, it is web based (all functions are supported online)

Name 3 functions of CMS

What are the main characteristics of CMS?

Why is there a separation of layout and content?

with this separation it is easier to put them together. You can change the layout and the contents afterwards. 

Was sind Metadaten?

Zusätzliche Informationen die das Wiederfinden in der Datenbank erleichtern (zum Beispiel: Name, Datum, Ort, etc.)

What is the Workflow Support?

Steps from writing to publishing

What are 4 phases of the Content Life Cycle?

- Creation and actualization

- Check-up and release

- Publishing

- Archive