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What's the difference between a) complete and b) incomplete information?

a) In a game with complete information all players are common knowledge. Example: prisoner's dilemma

b) In a game of incomplete information at least one player is uncertain about another player0s payoffs. Example: an auction ("true men do not eat quiche")

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What's the difference between a

a) zero-sum game &

b) non zero-sum game?

a) In a zero-sum game what one players win is what the other looses. --> The players interests are completely opposed. The sum of the payoffs is always O. 

Example: Rock-Scissors-Paper

b) In non zero-sum games both players can gain (think of trade), both can loose (think of nuclear war), there are some element of conflict but also scope for cooperation (think of bargaining)

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difference between:

a) one shot game

b) repeated game

a) a one shot game is played only once by the players

b) In a repeated game, the "same" game is played repeatedly by the "same" players

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What kind of game is "removing sticks"?

a dynamic game of perfect information

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An extensive form of a game consists of:


- Players

- Orders of moves

- Actions. What players can do when they have to move

- Information sets. What each player knows when he has to move.

- Payoffs received by each player for each combination of moves that could be chosen by the players

- The probability distribution over exogenous events. New player: Nature

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If a player does not know the moves a previous player had made, he cannot distinguish the corresponding nodes.

--> we speak of....


imperfect information

(a player does not know in which node he is)

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Whats an information set?

An information set is a collection of decision nodes which cannot be distinguished by the player with the move.

(Entscheidungsknoten, die nicht unterschieden werden können)

--> in a game of perfect information each information set contains one and only one decision node.

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When do we speakt of imperfect recall?

If ignorance about previous moves is the result of a player forgetting something he did before.