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Give an example for a game with continuous strategy spaces

- Monopoly

- political campaign advertising

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Does Rationality lead to equilibrium play?

not necessarily.

--> we know that rational players will play strategies that survive IESDS. In some cases this leads to a unique profile. (This is then the unique NE of the game)

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Definition of Nash Equilibrium

A NE is a list of strategies, on for each player, such that no player can get a better payoff by switching to some other strategy that is available to her while all the othere players adhere to the strategies specified for them in the list.

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What's a...

a) strict NE

b) not strict NE

a) a NE where the payoffs of both players are strictly larger than any other payoff in their row/column

b) a NE where at least one of the players could give another answer and would get the same payoff

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What's a mixed strategy NE?

a mixed-strategy profile in a finite normal-form game is a mixed NE if and only if, for each player i...

- the expected payoff to every action to which the profile assigns positive probability is the same

- the expected payoff to every action to which the profile assigns zero probability cannot be larger than the payoff of any action to twich the profile assigns positive probability

- each player's expected payoff in an equilibrium is the expected payoff to any of the actions that is used with positive probability. Simplifies the calculation.

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Is it possible to play weakly dominated strategies in a NE?


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What's a subgame?

- begins at a decision node x that is a singleton

- includes all decision and terminal nodes following x in the tree.

- it cannot cut any information set

--> The whole game is a subgame!

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What's a subgame perfect NE?

A NE is subgame perfect if the players' strategies constitute a Nash equilibrium in every subgame

--> no matter what has happenend before, players must play a NE in the remaining game.

--> at any point in the game players believe that all will behave rationally in the remaining game

--> in games of perfect information, the SPE are the solutions found using backward induction