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What are the special features of the costs for producing high-tech items?

High-tech items are subject for very high research & development costs. However the marginal costs are quite low.

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When IBM sells a computer, is it the firm's interest to decrease the charged price trough time?

Yes, because once the demand is served according to the original price, IBM has an incentive to decrease the price to serve customers with a lower reservation price.

Then repeating the decrease again & again until the prize equalizes the marginal cost.

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Would a price decrease modify some customer's behavior?

Yes, some customers with a reservation price above the original may still prefer to wait a price decrease. (because they know it will decrease)

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When IBM rents a computer, is it the firm's interest to decrease the price that is charged through time?

When the computers are rented, any price decrease cost a higher amount because the decrease applies to all computers, not only the ones in the IBM stocks.

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What is the advantage for renting rather than selling?

Renting rather than selling allows IBM to credibly commit to not decrease the price. Customers have no more incentive to wait any price decrease.