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Fill the blank.

The goal of _____________ is to provide executives with information regarding the profitability of the business, and enable them to control a business' activities.  

Managerial accounting

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Which of the following ERP features help to reduce / detect fraudulent activity?   

SAP document principle:

The ability to drill down within a report to get to the source documents that were used to create the report, makes it easier for auditors to confirm the integrity of the reports.

Not being able to fully delete a record.

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In a general ledger, what does a master data depict?

The G/L account master records the posting of 
accounting transactions to G/L accounts and the processing of the posting data.

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What is important during initialization phase of an ERP project?

All stakeholders in the same boat.


The requirements are roughly known.


The objective of the project is defined

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What is important during the concept phase?

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Target processes --> requirements