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How would you visualize SCM?

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Give a definition of Supply chain management.

Supply chain maanagement covers the flow of goods, ifnormation and cash from supplier through manufacturing and distribution chains to the end user. 
It tries to improve the flow of materials, information and financial resources within the company and among companies

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What does SCM stand for?

Supply Chain Management

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Explain the 3 different IT Architecutre: 
Service-Oriented Architecture
On-demand Solutions
Alternative Approaches

Service Oriented Architecture: 
Software system is made up of services. Application software is considered a service and not a piece of software installed on the company’s computers 

On-demand solutions:
Saas, PaaS, IaaS, Cloud

Alternative Approaches: 
Open-source ERP 
Federated ERP


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What is a big disadvantage of cloud based ERP?

The company does not know, where their data is stored.

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Which kind of on-demand solutions are available? (4)

SaaS (only pay when you need the software)
PaaS (Internet based software development)
IaaS (only pay when you need the infrastructur)

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What is the main focus of an ERP framework?

The central focus is on one central database. Typically with a supply chain model with additional support moduls for the different departments.

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What are risks in ERP implementation?

Might not fit to the organization,

skill mix might not be sufficient to know how to implement it,

management structure and strategy might not co-align with the ERP system and vice versa,

involves user training

needs project management.