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Shortly explain Six Sigma.

Six Sigma is a statistical measure of quality, a process for continuous improvement, an enabler of cultural change and a disciplined process focused on delivering near perfect products and services. 

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What is the goal of lean?

To minimize the waste of the manufacturing.

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Which level of the SCOR model is implemented by the company itself?

The 4th level. 

The other 3 levels are for every company the same.

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What is in the first level SCOR model?

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How does a SCOR model work?

it is a process reference model for supply chain management. This reference model enables users to address, improve, and communicate supply chain management practices within and between all interested parties in the extended enterprise.

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How many levels does a score model have?





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What does SCOR model stand for?

Supply chain operations reference model

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What are the goal of Supply chains?

Revenue expansion

cost reduction

freeing assets

information sharing

collaborative planning and execution

relocation of tasks