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What are the main functions of Plant management?

Main functions: Inspection, Preventive maintenance and Repair of all systems and machines.

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What is sales & distribution about? What does it support and what are the key elements?

SD: Sales & Distribution help company to integrate with their customers. Receiving sales order via phone, internet or EDI, shipping and billing.

Supports: Sales, Distribution and Billing

Key elements are: Pre-sales support, quotation processing, sales order processing, delivers processing, warehouse management, billing, credit management 

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What is material management about? What does it support and what are the key elements?

It plans and controls complete cycle of materials and information through procurement, cataloging, standardization, packaging, quality control, inventory control, disribution etc.

Supports: Procurement and inventory

Key elements are: Material procurement, inventory managment, invoice verification, vendor, evaluation.


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Explain the functionality of Production Planning Control.

It tries to realize planning as complet as possinle despite all the problems, which can occur. It also tries to balance between availability capacity and current work load.

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What is the module Production Planning about?

PP pre plans the workflow during the creation of a product for a certain time considering certain general conditions and realizing predetermined objectives. 

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How are the logistics modules called in SAP?

PP Production Planning
MM: Material Management
SD: Sales & Distributiion
PM: Plant Management
QM: Quality Management

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Shortly describe the ERP evolution with 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000. State what pushed the evolution.

1960 Inventory Management and Control Systems (Maintain level of stock)

1970 Material Requirements Planning (MRP) (Scheduling Production Processes)

1980 Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRP II) (Coordinating manufacturing processes: Product planning, inventory control etc.)

1990 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Internal Holistic Resource Planning (Now includes HR, Finance, Accounting etc.)

2000s Extended ERP: Basic ERP + middleware to include outsiders: SCM, CRM, SRM etc.


The main driver for ERP were innovation push in computer hardware and software, e.g. better processors, more computing power.

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What are the strategies of cost leadership and differentiation?

Cost leadership focuses on costs.

Differentiation strategy focuses on market differentiations (technology, price, product, customer service, user experience differentiation).