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What is knowledge? (give an example)


If you were told it’s 8 am you would know that there are 16 hours left in the day

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What is the origin/precursor of ERP? 

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

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What does vertical integration perspective mean and which systems are affected?

Integration from the top to bottom. Therefore it integrates the following Systems:
Management Support System;
Office Information System;
Transaction System

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What is Information? 

Information is created by giving meaning to the data: 24 are the hours in a day

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What is Data?

Data are the raw facts, like numbers, characters or text. It has no meaning on its own.

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What are ERP Systems?

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems are enterprise wide software solutions with support moduls characterized by integrating sales, manufacturing, human resources, logistigs, accounting and other business functions and allow a to share a commen database or a virtual database that combines the individual databases.

ERP combines data and processes of an organization. It uses a unified database to store data from various system modules, like financials, human resources, production planning, order management, CRM and SCM. Integration between modules is stressed without the duplication of information.

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What is internal/external accounting?

Internal: Managerial accounting (Controlling): Cost an performance accounting

External: Financial Accounting


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Explain Managerial accounting.

Supplies quantitative information to the decision makers within an organization.

Monitors the cost effectiveness of the performance.

Is also used for cost accounting processing, analytical reporting and audit controlling spectrums.

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What is a key feature of ERP systems in the financial Accounting module?

The ability to drill down within a report to get to the source documents that were used to create the report. This makes it easier for auditors to confirm the integrity of the reports.

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How is the structure of Controlling Area, Charts of account and Company Code?

Charts of account is the highest of the three entities. 

Controlling area is underneath charts of account but above company code. Company codes get assigned to controlling area. 

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Fill the blank.

The goal of _____________ is to provide executives with information regarding the profitability of the business, and enable them to control a business' activities.  

Managerial accounting

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Which of the following ERP features help to reduce / detect fraudulent activity?   

SAP document principle:

The ability to drill down within a report to get to the source documents that were used to create the report, makes it easier for auditors to confirm the integrity of the reports.

Not being able to fully delete a record.

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In a general ledger, what does a master data depict?

The G/L account master records the posting of 
accounting transactions to G/L accounts and the processing of the posting data.

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What is important during initialization phase of an ERP project?

All stakeholders in the same boat.


The requirements are roughly known.


The objective of the project is defined

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What is important during the concept phase?

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Target processes --> requirements


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What issues must an auditor adress with the SAP ERP environment?

General IT Controls may not be enough

Can all accounts be audited substantively

Is the transaction monitoring authentic

Are the inherent risks managable?

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Why is auditing SAP ERP different?

SAP ERP has great flexibility and breadth of functionality.
It has a different application / environment split than other ERP. 

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Why do you need Compliance?


There is always an information gap and a
conflict of interests between producer and
customers / between management and shareholders

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Give a definition for GRC. And explain the 3 main factors.

GRC refers to a company's coordinated strategy for managing the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management and corporate compliance. 

Governance: Effective as well as ethical management of a company.

Risk:effectively mitigate risks, which hindern the company to be competitive. 

Compliance: External regulations for the business operations and data retention.

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What are benefits of using GRC?

Higher quality information
Process optimization
Better capital allocation
Improved effectiveness
Protected reputation
Reduced Cost

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What are challenges for audits? (4)

changing and very different regulations
Big data
Increased oversight of processes
Tighter control of manual entries

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Which one is with GRC and which one without?

Left with GRC and right without GRC

Left without GRC and right with GRC

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What does GRC stand for?



Risk Management

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What are the 4 phases of the life cycle?

Chartering phase, project phase, shakedown pphase, maintenance

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What are important criteria for selecting ERP?

Find a good partner. 50/50 relation between solution and partner.

The solution should have the right features, good usability and the newest technology. 

The vendor should be viable, have a good long-term strategy and be reachable for support and implementation.

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What does the development of the market look like?

Tendency to cloud and increasing demand of small and medium enterprises. As well as operational efficiency in business processes. 

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What are the biggest differences between regions, such as Asia and Europa?

Legal reasons, language, different products and different countries have different values, ERP vendors must know this. 

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When do you adapt the proces to the ERP system and when do you adapt the ERP system to the process?

Idea: adapt to non-core functions like HR, Finance etc. and change the ERP according to your process with competitive advantage. 

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Which is the most occuring characteristic of ERP solutions?




Hybrid combining on and off-premise solutions.

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Which advantage does a small ERP vendor has compared to one of the big three?

Small ERP vendors meet customers’ expectations better.