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reading for specific info
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reading for gist (Hauptinhalt)
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intensive reading

reading for details, language studies
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extensive reading

long reading for pleasure
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reading to find out the authors opinion
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meaning from context
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guess, what the text is about
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Presentation, Practice and Production

  • Focus on grammar
  • No mistakes
  • Lots of Inputs by teacher
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scaffolding (differentiation by support)

  • visual and realia 
  • use of first language (translation)
  • read out loud
  • modelling/gestures
  • intentional small group / partner work
  • sentences/structures/starters
  • connect to background knowledge
  • graphic organizers (mindmap)


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 differentiation by task

different tasks through the year

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differentiation by outcome or response

outcome by pupils is different because of their individual background


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  • attitudes towards
  • goals
  • values
  • expectancy of success
  • self-esteem
  • lesson design
  • group dynamic
  • teacher's attitudes
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affective filter 

  • boredom
  • anxiety/panic
  • stress
  • nervousness
  • insecurity

our goal: keep the filter low

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Zone of proximal development (vygotsky)

Zone in welcher Lernzuwachs am grössten ist. 

Learner can do it with guidance.

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Content and Language Integrated Learning

CLIL refers to situations where subjects, or parts of subjects, are taught through a foreign language with dual-focused aims, namely the learning of content and the simultaneous learning of a foreign language

Schulfach & kognitivi skills sind im Fokus

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Content Based Learning

ähnlich wie CLIL aber Fokus auch auf der Sprache

  • Grammar, Lexis, Skills are important
  • Interesting topic increase knowledge and motivation
  • Topics are school and world related
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Total physical response

Pupils give and carry out instructions physically

Focus: 1. comprehension and then 2.  production 

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lexical approach

Vocabulary is most important (more than grammar)

Learning of chunks (fixed expression) (have a good trip, have green fingers, once in a blue moon)

Focus on lexis with authentic texts

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Grammar translation method

Learing lists of words by heart

Language is learned by analysing & applying grammatical rules

Translating whole sentences or texts

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Task based learning

Communication is focused, in the center of the learning process is a task

To solve the task, pupils need to communicate

  1. pre-task
  2. task cycle
  3. language focus


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 aims in teaching english

4 Language skills:

  • receptive skills: reading and listening
  • productive skills: writing and speaking


  • language
  • social, strategic, cultural or content aims 
  • cognitive level