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wheel of consumer behaviour - the 5 parts

  • consumers in the marketplace
  • consumers as individuals
  • consumers as decision makers
  • consumers and subcultures
  • consumers and culture
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immediate respnse of the sensory receptors (eyes, nose) to stimuli (light, colour)

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process by whichpeople select, organize, interpret these sensations

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other motivational approaches (4)

  • need for achieveness
  • need for affiliation
  • need for power
  • need for uniqueness
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Maslov pyramide


ego needs




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flow state

  • sense of playfulness
  • feeling of being in control
  • concentration and highly focused attention
  • mental enjoyment of activit for itw own sake
  • distorted sense of time
  • truly involved with product
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process of decision making

  1. problem recognition
  2. information search
  3. evaluation of alternatives
  4. product choice
  5. outcomes
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perceived risks (5)

  • monetary risk
  • functional risk
  • physical risk
  • social risk
  • psychological risk