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Which of the acronyms listed below refers to a series of basic hardware diagnostic tests performed by the startup BIOS after the computer is powered on?





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After replacing a modular hardware component inside computer case, the updated information about specific parameters of the new device can be stored in: (Select 2 answers)

System BIOS

Flash memory

Startup BIOS

Secondary storage


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After completing the initial diagnostics and assigning system resources, the startup BIOS program checks for information about secondary storage devices that might contain the OS. The list of devices and the order in which they should be checked can be found and arranged in the CMOS setup utility, and this option is commonly referred to as:

Boot record

Master Boot Record (MBR)

Partition table

Boot sequence

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In order to work, an integrated component such as Network Interface Card (NIC) on a newly assembled computer system may need to be first:

Enabled in WIndows COntrol Panel

Updated with the latest driver in Device Manager

Checked against the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

Enabeld in the advanced BIOS settings menu

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After launching Windows Virtual PC application technician receives error message stating that the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization (HAV) feature is not enabled on the computer. Which of the following steps might help in fixing this problem?

Increasing the amount of physical RAM on the system

Re-Installation of the WIndows Virtual PC application

Geting into the CMOS setup utility and enabling the virtualization technology setting

Safe mode troubleshooting

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The CMOS setup utility can be accessed by pressing:

Reset button on the front panel of a computer case

The key set by the motherboard manufacturer for accessing CMOS setup utility during boot

Del key during boot

F1 key while logged in Windows

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CMOS settings can be set to factory defaults by: (Select all that apply)

Using a jumper that c an be found on the motherboard

Changing settings in Windows Device Manager

Reseating the CMOS battery on the motherboard

Choosing the default configuration option in the CMOS setup utility

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Which of the following answers refers to a firmware interface designed as a replacement for BIOS?