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match the words

match the words

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Karten 8
Sprache English
Kategorie Finanzen
Stufe Mittelschule
Erstellt / Aktualisiert 15.10.2013 / 15.05.2015
Lizenzierung Kein Urheberrechtsschutz (CC0)
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to open                         a new client

to go                             an account

to take home               bankrupt

to diversify                   one's portfolio

to open an account

to go bankrupt

to take home a new client

to diversify one's portfolio

to spread                  outside the box

business                   fund

to think                     angel

pension                    a risk

to spread a risk   (ein Risiko verteilen)

business angel   (Investor / Unternehmensengel)

to think outside the box   (quer denken)

pension fund   (Pensionskasse / Rentenfonds)

to issue             facilities

venture              a press statement

tax                      capitalist

overdraft           evasion

to issue a press statement (eine Erklärung abgeben)

venture capitalist   (Risikokapital-Anleger)

tax evasion   (Steuerhinterziehung)

overdraft facilities   (Kreditlimite / Überziehungsmöglichkeit)

debt              loan

bridging       account

savings        funding

debt funding   (Refinanzierung Schulden; Geld aufnehmen)

savings account (Sparkonto)

bridging loan   (Überbrückungskredit / Zwischenkredit)

run / manage                    the product

sell / ship                           payment

keep records of/               a business
follow up on / collect

run / manage a business (ein Geschäft führen/managen)

sell / ship the product  (Produkt verkaufen/verschiffen)

keep records of / follow up on / collect payment

pay               bankrupt

restock        the balance

go                employees / your bills / the full amount

remit           your inventory

pay employees / your bills / the full amount

restock your inventory ( Lager wiederauffüllen)

go bankrupt (in Konkurs gehen)

remit the balance (???)

buy               a percentage

advance       working capital 

get                an order (for a product/with a company)

place            raw materials

buy raw materials (Rohstoffe kaufen)

advance a percentage (

get working capital (Arbeitskapital bekommen)

place an order (for a prod. / with a company)

make sure           an invoice

pay / collect         someone is creditworthy

send / pay            your bills

make sure someone is creditworthy

send / pay an invoice

pay / collect your bills