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Chapter 1 - What is the Institutional structures?
Institutional structures refers to the financial markets and financial institutions related to a particular investment, such as whether the investment is publicly traded
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Chapter 1 - What is the most influenting structure for the asset types?
real assets: institutional structure hedge fund: trading structure commodities: securitirs structure private equity: institutional structure structured products: securities structure
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Chapter 1 - Define illiquidity
Illiquidity means that the investment trades infrequently / with low volume and that returns are difficult to observe due to lack of trading
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Chapter 1 - What are the risks and advantages of illiquidity?
risk: illiquid assets can be difficult to sell advantage: higher returns
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Chapter 1 - Define efficiency and inefficiency
efficiency refers to the tendency or market prices to reflect all available information. Inefficiency refers to the deviation of actual valuations from those valuations that would be anticipated in an efficient market
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Chapter 1 - how are competition and transaction costs in inefficient markets?
competition are less transaction costs are higher
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Chapter 1 - What are the structures causing nonnormal distributions?
securities structures and trading structures
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Chapter 1 - How do you recognize nonnormal distributions?
They are not bell -shaped