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Private Equity

...include both equity and debt positions that, among other things, are not publicly traded. In most cases, the debt positions contain so much risk from cash flow uncertainty that their short-term return behaviour is simliar to that of equity positions.
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Venture Capital

...refers to support via equity financing to start-up companies that do not have a sufficient size, track record, or desire to attract capital from traditional sources
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Leveraged buyouts

....refer to those transactions in which the equity of a publicly traded company is purchased using a small amount of investor capital and a large amount of borrowed funds to take the firm private.
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Mezzanine debt..

...derives is name from its position in the capital structure of a firm between the ceiling of senior secured debt and the floor of equity. Mezzanine debt refers to a spectrum of risky claims including preferred stock, convertible debt, ...
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Distressed debt..

...refers to the debt of companies that have filed or are likely to file for bankrupcy protection in the near future.
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Structured products...

are instruments created to exhibit particular return, risk, taxation or other attributes. These instruments generate unique cash flows resulting from the partitioning of the cash flows from a traditional investment or by linking returns to market values.
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Regulatory structure

refers tot eh role of government, including both regulation and taxation, influencing the nature of an investment
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Securities structure

refers to the structuring of cash flows through securitization.