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refers to the tendency of market prices to reflect all available information
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...refers to the deviation of actual valuations from those valuations that would be anticipated in an efficient market.
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the returns of many alternative investments are structured so that they are infrequently traded, and therefore their market returns are measured over longer time intervals.
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Active management

refers to efforts of buying and selling securities to earn superior combinations of risk and return. Alternative investment analysis typically focuses on evauation acitive managers and their systems of active management, (most alt. investments =actively m
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Passive investing

tends to focus on buying and holding securites in an effort to match the risk and return of a target such as highly diversified index
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benchmark return

the returns o fthe fund would typically be comprared to the benchmark return, which is the return of the benchmark index or benchmark portfolio
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Active return

is the difference between the return of a portfolio and its benchmark that is due to active management
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Absolute return standard

means that returns are to be evaluated realtive to zer - or relative to the riskless rate