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..is the process of transforming asset ownership into tradable units. The use of securities and security structuring transforms asset ownership into potentially distinct and diverse tradable investment opportunities.
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Trading structure..

refers to the role of an investment vehicle's investment managers in developing and implementing trading strategies .
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Compensation structure

refers to the ways that organizational issues, especially compensation schemes, influence particular investments.
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Instituional structure

refers to the financial markets and financial institutions related to a particular investment, such as whether the investment is publicly traded.
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alternative investments are often synonymous with diversifiers
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Absolute return products

investment products viewed as having little or no return colleration with traditional assets are also often termed absolute return products since their returns should generally be analyzed on an absolute basis rather than relativ to returns of traditional
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means that the investment trades infrequently and/or with low volume (thinly). Illiquidity means that returns are difficult to observe due to the lack of trading and that realized returns may be affected by the trading decisions of a few paricipants.
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Lumpy Assets

..are assets that can only be bought and sold in specific quantities, such as large real estate projects