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Jurisdiction of the courts

Original and Appellate Jurisdiction

A court’s jurisdiction is established by its enabling Act. 
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Original jurisdiction

is the authority to hear a case when the case is first brought before a court. For all courts other than the High Court this will consist of original criminal and civil jurisdictions
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Appellate jurisdiction

is the authority of a court to hear appeals from decisions of courts of a lower level in the same court hierarchy.
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The High Court

Established under s 71 of the Australian Constitution. Limited original jurisdiction in those cases authorised by the Commonwealth Constitution. Appellate jurisdiction in both civil and criminal matters arising from the State Supreme Courts and Federal Courts. Appeals do not lie “as of right”. Approval to hear an appeal must first be granted by the High Court. The High Court is the final court of appeal within the Australian legal system.
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Functions of the High Court

The three functions of the High Court are:

To exercise a defined original jurisdiction; To guard and interpret the Australian Constitution; and To serve as the final court of appeal within the Australian legal system.
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Binding precedent

A decision that must be followed

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Persuasive precedent
A decision that may be, but need not be, followed.
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Ratio decidendi

The reason for deciding; that part of a judgment that is binding on later cases of similar fact