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trotz [2 spellings]

despite, in spite of
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kurzgefasst [3 spellings] /

kurze Zusammenfassung /


in brief, briefly worded, concise / concise summary / consice dictionary
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und doch

and yet
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daher, deshalb [3 spellings] /

Es ist daher notwendig ... /

Zusammenfassend kann man daher sagen, dass ... /

Es wäre deshalb ratsam ...


therefore, hence, that is why / It is therefore necessary ... / In summary it can be said, therefore, that ... / It would therefore be advisable ...
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wohingegen, während, hingegen [2 spellings]

whereas, while
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einerseits [2 spellings] /

andererseits [3 spellings]

on one side, on the one hand / on the other side, on the other hand, otherwise
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falls, im Falle [2 spellings]

if, in case of
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schliesslich, zum Schluss [4 spellings]

in conclusion, eventually, finally, after all