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Unit 3

Unit 3

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 having a natural ability to do 
something that needs skill

adept  (adjective)

She’s very adept at dealing 
with the media. 

the length of time that someone 
can keep their thoughts and interest fixed on 

attention span ( noun)

Young children have a quite short attention 

to gradually accept a 

come to terms with  (phrase)

 You’re going to have to come to terms with 
the fact that you’ll never make much money as an 

 to try to develop or improve 

cultivate  (verb)

She has cultivated an image as a tough 

 equipment that uses a 

digital technology  (phrase )

 Digital technology has transformed the way 
we communicate with each other. 

to try to persuade someone not to do something

discourage someone from doing sth  (phrase)

The government launched a campaign to discourage people 
from smoking.

 to use your power to control 
someone or something

exert control  (phrase)

 The teacher was unable to 
exert control over the class. 

It’s important to make your staff 
feel valued. 

feel valued  (phrase)

 to feel that people appreciate 
things that you do