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How are the speeds at point 1 and 2 related to the relative wind/airflow V?


V1 = 0 and V2 > V

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When airflow over a wing becomes supersonic (Überschall), the pressure pattern on the top surface will become irregular.

supersonic over a wing = pressure becomes irregular.

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The point where the aerodynamic lift acts on a wing is:

the centre of pressure.


point where aerodynamic lift acts on a wing = C.P.

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The point where the single resultant aerodynamic force acts on an aerofoil, is called:

Centre of Pressure.

The point where the single resultant aerodynamic force acts on an aerofoil...

The point where the aerodynamic lift acts on a wing is...


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The location of the centre of pressure of a positively cambered aerofopil section at increasing

AoA will:

shift forward until approaching the critical angle of attack.

*approcahing = annähernd

AoA increases = C.P. moves forward until approaching AoAcrit.

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Lowering the inboard flaps causes the wing centre of pressure:

to move inboard towards the wing root.

Senkung der innenliegenden Klappen verursachen an dem C.P des Flügels folgendes:

das C.P bewegt sich nach innen richtung Flügelansatz.

=> Lowering inboard flaps = CP moves ONLY inboard toward the wing roots.

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A pitch up could cause by:

forward movement of the C.P. (centre of pressure)

Pitch up = CP moves forward.

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Assuming no flow seperation, when speed is decreased in straight and level flight on a positively cambered aerofoil, what happens to the:


I. centre of pressure?

II. the magnitude of the total lift force?

I. Centre of pressure moves forward

II. remains constant (because its irrelevant in this case)