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A patient accidentally splashes a large amount of bleach-based cleaner in the eye. What should he do?

wash it out immediately

give oral antibiotics

add acids to the eye

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Which of the following is not a treatment of diabetic macular oedema?

laser photocoagulation


intravitreal anti-VEGF injection

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if the sympathetic supply is damaged the patient suffer from


A) Slight ptosis

B) Horner’s syndrome

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Synopthopore is used for:

assessment of eye’s refraction

Measurement of intraocular pressure

Assessment of binocular single vision

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rods are responsible for

day vision

night vision


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There are two major surgical techniques for repairing a retinal detachment:

external - iridectomy, internal (vitreoretinal surgery)

External- eyedrops, internal (cataract surgery)

External (conventional approach), internal (vitreoretinal surgery)

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In approximately 20% of patients clarity of the posterior capsule decreases in the months following cataract surgery when residual epithelial cells migrate across its surface. Vision becomes blurred and there may be problems with glare. A small hole can be made with a laser:




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Which electrophysiological examination is used for assessment of visual pathway


Multifocal electroretinogram

Visually evoked potential

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In angle-closure glaucoma the pressure in the eye is over:




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What symptom does not belong to Horner's syndrome




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Classically urethritis, conjunctivitis and a seronegative arthritis may also be associated with anterior uveitis, it is a:

Behcets’s disease

Reiter’s disease

Bowel disease

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This inflammation of the superficial layer of the sclera causes mild discomfort. It is rarely associated with systemic disease. It is usually self-limiting but as symptoms are tiresome, topical anti-inflammatory treatment can be given. In rare, severe disease, systemic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory treatment may be helpful:




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During a typical cataract surgery:

corneal sutures are laid

Lens nucleus is vaporised with laser

Intraocular lens is implanted

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The usual causes of ectropion do not include:

scarring of the periorbital skin

Third nerve palsy

Involuntary orbicularis muscle laxity

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Which of the following sentences is correct?

the ability to accommodate increases with age

The ability to accommodate is the same for entire lifetime

The ability to accommodate decreases with age

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What is used for diagnosis and monitoring glaucoma?

fluorescein angiography

cover test

visual field test

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What is pterygium?

malignant tumour of conjunctiva

Yellowish legions that never impinge on the cornea

Growth of bulbar conjunctiva, mostly located nasally, which may encroach onto the visual axis

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What is the most effective treatment for wet macular degeneration:

panretinal photocoagulation

lutein supplementation

Anti-VEGF intravitreal injections

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This is a common painless condition in which an obstructed Meibomian gland causes a granuloma within the tarsal plate

molluscum contagiosum



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 a state when intraocular pressure is raised without evidence of visual damage or pathological optic disk cupping is called

relative pupil block

Normal tension glaucoma

Ocular hypertension

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Which of these parts of the cornea is non-regenerating?

the stroma

The endothelium

All of the above

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The power of the intraocular lens implant to be used in the operation is calculated beforehand by measuring:


The length of the eye ultrasonically

The curvature of the cornea (and thus optical power) optically

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Risk factors associated with retinopathy of prematurity include

birth weight below 1500 g

Gestation less than 32 weeks

All of the above

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Which of the following muscles is responsible for accommodation?

the orbicularis oculi muscle

the iris sphincter muscle

the ciliary muscle

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. What is the medical term for white pupillary reflex?




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What can be confirmed by performing a cover test?




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The middle layer of the human eye, known as the uvea, consists of:

the cornea and the sclera

The choroid, the ciliary body and the iris

The retina

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Anterior uveitis is an inflammation of:

the iris

The ciliary body

The choroid

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Drusen are a symptom of:

ocular hypertension

Retinitis pigmentosa

Age-related macular degeneration

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Cylindrical lenses are used for correcting: