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In what type of glaucoma the measurements of corneal diameter are used?

primary open-angle glaucoma

pigmentary glaucoma

congenital glaucoma

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Topical use of atropine drops or ointment into the conjunctival sac is contraindicated in:


corneal ulcer

primary closed-angle

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Reduced corneal reflex is typical for:

peripheral ulcerative keratitis

Herpes Simplex keratitis

fungal keratitis (keratomycosis)

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What changes can occur in the vision field if a pituitary tumor is found?

contralateral homonymous hemianopia

concentric visual field contraction

bitemporal hemianopia

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Beta-blockers decrease the intraocular pressure by:

decreasing uveoscleral outflow of aqueous humor

decreasing the secretion of aqueous humor

contraction of the ciliary muscle that allows aqueous humor outflow through trabecular network

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Paralytic strabismus - indicate the correct answer:

diplopia never occurs

primary angle = secondary angle

lack/restriction of movement of the eye in the direction of paralyzed muscle

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By which method we can diagnose strabismus latens heterophoria?

fly test

synoptophore examination

cover test

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Conjunctivitis giganto-papillaris of the upper lid can suggest:

keratitis after trauma

conjunctivitis that occur in spring

bacterial conjunctivitis with H. influenza etiology