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How is the eye funds examined in premature infants?

a) simple ophthalmoscopy (fundoscopy)

b) Goldmann three mirror lens

c) Fison binocular indirect ophthalmoscope

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1. The patient complains of a sudden painless loss of all or part of the vision. What disease can you suspect?


central retinal artery occlusion


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A positive Seidl’s test occurs in:

wet macular degeneration

dry eye syndrome

corneal perforation and leakage

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Ectopia lentis may be seen in:

homocystinuria, Marfan’s syndrome, giant cell arteritis

trauma, homocystinuria, Marfan’s syndrome

trauma, giant cell arteritis, Marfan’s syndrome

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Intracranial hypertension can cause:

bilateral optic disc swelling

retinal detachment


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Exudative retinal detachment is when:

it is pulled off by contracting fibrous tissue on the retinal surface (e.g. as in the proliferative retinopathy of diabetes mellitus)

a tear occurs in the retina, allowing liquified nitrous to gain entry to the subretinal space and causing a progressive detachment

fluid accumulates in the subretinal space as a result of an exudative process, which may occur during toxaemia in pregnancy

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Uveitis is usually treated with

anti-VEGF and vitrectomy


steroids and mydriatics

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Eye hit with tennis or squash ball often develops

blow out orbital fracture

central retinal artery occlusion

perforation of the eye ball

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What is a common cause of excessive tearing and purulent conjunctivitis in toddlers?

nasolacrimal duct stenosis

viral infection


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The tear film (20um thick) covers the eternal ocular surface and comprises ... layers




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A surface oil layer produces by the

conjuntivial goblet cells

lacrimal gland

tarsal meibomian glands

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Levator palpebrae superioris muscle is innervated by which nerve?




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Retinal detachment can be diagnosed with:

ultrasound examination

applanation tonometry


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patient presents with redness of the eye, discharge, ocular irritation. It is:

bacterial conjunctivitis

applanation tonometry


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In children the most common orbital tumour is:




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The upper lid margin usually overlaps the upper corneal limbus by.

3-4 mm

It does not overlap the upper limbus

1-2 mm

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During slit lamp examination, you saw a dendritic ulcer on the cornea. How will you treat it?




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Choose the typical symptom of retinoblastoma:

heterochromia of the eye

a White pupillary reflex (leukocoria)


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Which of the following medication are not used to treat glaucoma:



prostaglandin analogs

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. factors thought tool be important in the development of a diabetic retinopathy include:

duration of diabetes, diabetic control

Smoking, hypertension

All of the above

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Sign off anterior uveitis

A)keratic precipitates on the corneal endothelium

B) Posterior synechiae (adhesion between the lens and Iris) give the pupil an irregular appearance


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Between the cornea anteriorly and the lens and Iris posteriorly lies in the:

Posterior chamber

Anterior chamber

Ciliary body

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Macular oedema may be associated with

retinal vascular disease (e.g. diabetic retinopathy)


All of the above

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fundus changes typical for non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy include:

optic disk pallor

microaneurysms and intraretinal haemorrhages

neovascularisation and vitreous haemorrhage

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a hinged partial thickness corneal stromal flap is first created with a rapidly moving automated blade. The flap is lifted and the laser applied onto the stromal bed. This is:




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Lengthening and darkening of the lashes is a side effect for:

carbonic anhydrase


Prostaglandin analogues

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The optical power of the cornea in different planes is not equal. parallel rays of light passing through these different planes are brought to different points of focus. It is:




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What is the name of the test used to monitor macular function?

Ishihara test

Hirschberg test

Amsler grid

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What is not a treatment method for strabismus

patching of the eye with better vision

patching of the eye with poorer vision

surgery on extraocular muscles

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Hyphema is:

blood in the anterior chamber

blood in the posterior chamber

pus in the anterior chamber