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What is the "drag polar"?

A polar curve depicting the value of lift coefficient vs. drag coefficient.

A polar autorotation curve.

A chart of the power required.

A graph called "Titus Huber curve" in Poland.

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The wing surface increasing devices are:

Fowler flap and the leading edge flaps.

Winglets and trailing edge flaps.

Slots and the split flaps.

Trainling edge flaps and the split flaps.

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Devices that move the separation point aft on an airfoil upper surface are called:


Trailing edge flaps.

Split flaps.

Fowler flap.

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Devices that increace the camber of an airfoil are called: 

Leading edge flaps.



All answers are correct.

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The backward sweep of a wing causes:

Increase in the lateral static stability.

Reduction of the lateral static stability

Reduction of the lateral static stability at positive angles of attack and the increase at negative.

Increase in the lateral static stability at positive angles of attack, and reduction at negative.

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Aaerofoil glide ratio:

Depends on the angle of attack.

Is a constant characteristic for the profile and corresponds to the (CL/CD)max.

Always increases when increasing angle of attack.

Always increases when decreasing angle of attack.

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Doubling an airflow velocity in a closed tunnel will result in: 

A fourfold decrease of static pressure.

A fourfold increase of static pressure.

A twofold increase of static pressure.

A double decrease of static pressure.

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Flatter is the name of a phenomenon associated with: 

The occurrence of self-existing vibrations.

The formation of the lift force.

The formation of drag force.

Elevator/rudder/aileron reversal.