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What does the aircraft (helicopter, glider, etc.) "absolute ceiling" mean? 

The highest theoretical altitude that the aircraft is able to climb.

An altitude calculated in the design project of an aircraft.

The altitude at which the aircraft still maintains the climbing ability of 0,5m/s.

The altitude of the atmospere surrounding the Earth.

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What does "static stability" of an object mean? (aircraft, helicopter, grinder, hang-grinder etc.)

A tendency (in a form of force or a moment) to return to the former equilibrium after a disturbance.

Balance condition.

No reaction to balance disturbance.

Object static fluctuations around the lateral axis.

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What does "airfoil Center of Pressure" mean? 

An imaginable point on the chord of an aerofoil at with the resultant force (of all aerodynamic forces) act.

A drag force application point.

A point at which the pressure value is average.

A center of the profile chord line.

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What does the boundary layer mean" 

A layer of air flowing around an arbitrary aircraft element in which the stream velocity changes from zero to free stream velocity.

A turbulent air region in the area of fuslage and other aircraft elements joints.

A part of an airstream flowing a part of aircraft with A-type flow.

A part of an airstream which changes from laminar to A-type flow.

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What is an "Aspect Ratio" of an aircraft or glider wing (or a propeller blade)?

The ratio of wingspan to average chord length.

The ratio of wing or blade length to the chord length at the base of it.

The ratio of wingspan (rotor diameter) to the aircraft (helicopter) length.

The ratio of mean aerodynamic chord to the wing or blade length.

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What is the elevation of the airport?

The physical elevation (altitude) of an airport apron above mean sea level according to ISA.

The facade of an airport building.

The surface of the runway.

The slope of the main runway surface.

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What is the air density?

An air mass contained in a volume of 1m3.

The opposite of the atmospheric viscosity.

The number of molecules of oxygen and nitrogen in a 1cm3 volume.

The weight of 1 m3 air.

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What is this the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA)?

A set of values considered as standard of static pressure (p), temperatures (t/T) and the air density (rho) at different heights.

A set of intormation about atmospheric parameters held at the UN headquarters in New York.

A set of intormation about atmospheric parameters held at the ICAO headquarters in Montreal.

A collection of air chemical composition at different heights.