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Is the aircraft collision with a bird during the flight an air incident?

Yes, regardless of the consequences.

No, if the aircraft was not damaged.

Yes, if the aircraft was damaged.

Yes, if due to this collision the flight was aborted.

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The user of the aircraft, the authority of air traffic, airport managers are obliged to inform about the incident The State Commission for Aircraft Accident Investigation in a maximum period:

72 hours.

48 hours.

24 hours.

96 hours.

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Aviation incident is an occurance associated with the operation of an aircraft other than an accident, which…

Has or could have an negative impact on operational safety.

Terminated without health harm to the crew and/or passengers.

Interrupted the flight safety.

Contributed to the task interruption.

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Serious incident is an air incident which circumstances indicate that…

There almost occured an accident.

Damage to the aircraft is insignificant.

People involved in the incident are only slightly injured.

The aircraft landed on unfamiliar area without damage.

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Which of the following attachments of the Chicago Convention applies to the investigation of accidents and incidents?

Annex 13.

Annex 11.

Annex 12.

Annex 14.

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The first thing after emergency landing on the unfamiliar area and occurrence of fire that the crew of the aircraft should do is to:

Extinguish the fire.

Rescue injured people.

Phone the fire department.

Move away to a safe distance.

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After a collision with a bird the aircraft commander should submit a report:



Is not necessary to submit a report.

Oral report, if the aircraft has been anyhow damaged.

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Aircraft technical faults are recorded in:

Onboard technical aircraft log.

Service book.

Maintenance notebook.

Aircraft technical documentation.