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the blister

A painful swelling in your skin that contains liquid, caused by continiously rubbing, especially on your foot or by burning

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conventional wisdom

Beliefs or opinions that have existed for a long time and that most people agree with

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to dislocate

To force a bone suddenly our of its correct position

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extremely good

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make a point of

To always do something or to take particular care to do something

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needless to say

A remark giving information that is expected and not surprising

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on the grounds that

A reason for what you do or say, or being allowed to say or do something

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Something that is pointless has no purpose and it is a waste of time doing it

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relief (noun)

Rest from something difficult

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to sprain

To cause an injury to a joint (place where two bones are connected) by a sudden movement

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strike a balance

If you strike a balance between two things, you accept parts of both things in orderto satisfy some of the demands of both sides in an argument, rather than all the demands of just one side

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take a issue with

to disagree with strongly

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take note of

To give attention to something, especially because it is important