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Service Encounter (Begegnung) Triad

name the three parts of the triad:

  • Service Organization
  • Contact Personnel
  • Customer
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Consequence of disbalance in the service encounter triad of

Contact personell:

the agents / personell can act to random -> customer frustration

rectruitment: find a agent which has a service orientation

training for personnel: role play of customer - agent, train specific situations to know how to react

employee compensation: rely a performance in a service orientation

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Consequence of disbalance in the service encounter triad:

Service Organisation

every time the same procedure - no extra service  -> customer frustration

service culture: share beliefs and values - allow agents to act independetly

employee empowerment: trust in agents, that they will make the right decision to the service culture

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consequence of disbalance in the service encounter triad:


Extreme customer orientation

customer motivation: different motivations schemes (social contacts, looking for convenience...)

scripts for customer behaviour: customer is used to script (know how to shop), for new services they need to learn new scripts (self checkout)

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Service quality GAP Model:

GAP 1 - Market Research

Customer Expectation <> Management Perceptions of customer expectation

market research gap, there is a difference in the customer expectations and the management estimation / valuation (that what the management thinks the customer needs)

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Service Quality GAP model:

GAP 2: Design

Management Perceptions of customer expectations <> Service Design

design gap results, exceed because of a falce design of the service by the management that dont meet the customer expectations which dont could be transfered in a workable servvice standard

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Service quality GAP Model:

Gap 3: Conformance

Service Standards <>Service Delivery

the conformance gap exceed because the actual delivered service does not meet the defined service standard from the management

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Service quality GAP Model.

GAP 4: Communcation

service delivery <> customer perception

communication gap exceed when the delivered service divide from the customer perception (be at a variance)