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How can service quality measured?

  • SERVQUAL: multi item scale for measuring the five dimensions of service quality


  • Walk-through Audit: evaluate the service experience form a customer perspective
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the five roles of technology in the service encounter:

A: Technology-free (customer interacts physical with a human service provider)

B: Technology-assisted (only service provider has access to tech - example X-Ray at the dentist)

C: Technology-faciilitated (both of customer and provider have access to the same technology - financial advise on pc)

D:Technology-mediated (not physical or face to face, communication above telephone, distant callcenter etc.)

E: Technology-generated (self-service): the humann service provider is replaced, self service


Bordoloi, S. K. (2019). Service management operations, strategy, information technology (Ninth
edition, international student edition). McGraw-Hill Education.

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Maisters First Law of Service:


"Customer compare expectations with perceptions"

Satisfaction = Perception - Expectation
- If P>E, then customer is satisfied
- If P<E, then customer is unsatisfied

David H. Maister: The Psychology of Waiting Lines

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Maisters Second Law of Services:


“It is hard to play catch-up ball.”

A bad experience in this first step will influence the whole service experience


David H. Maister: The Psychology of Waiting Lines